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All the stuff that comes out of my head and turns into art.



Standoff by TheInimitableECypher

"Both of us have information that could destroy the other. You have my surveillance devices, but I've got an entire file on you and your extralegal activities. And unlike you, I can prove that you are what you are. Those devices could belong to anybody, but this file is pretty specific. It couldn't be anyone else's but yours." Setting her features into a no-nonsense mask, she said, "You had better believe that I'm not afraid to use that information. I have a job to do, and believe it or not, Engelhardt, blowing your cover would make it so much easier on me. Because then me and my people wouldn't have to worry about you becoming a threat to Ukraine's national security, would we?" She was practically right on top of him now, looking him in the eyes, even though he had about ten centimeters of height on her. She could see it in the way he stood there now; he was mad. He was trying to hide it, but his fists were clenched at his sides and he was visibly tense. She knew that he understood exactly what she meant by the last sentence, but she clarified anyways. "We wouldn't have to worry about it, because you'd be thrown into prison for the rest of your life. You wouldn't be helping anyone from in there, would you?"
Based on a scene in Chapter Two of "The Engelhardt Encounters". Took about three days to complete.

YES, I know her hair looks absolutely terrible. >< I tried, dammit.

Ready To Go by TheInimitableECypher
Ready To Go
The stadium was packed; he could hear the eighty-thousand strong crowd of the Westfalenstadion roaring in his ears. He had thought of nothing else all day but this game. All the time and energy that his team had put into their pre-season training, and now was the night to put it all to work. He was ready to go. The team was ready, the fans were ready. The stage was set for the season opener. All that was left was to take to the field... 


This was the hardest piece I've yet completed. Took me four days to complete. The background took three times as long as the guy in front of it, but I'm satisfied with it.

Random fact: I had to change his number from #27 to #13 because after two seasons, someone in real life claimed the number. :P

EDIT: I had to cut part of the background for being too enormous. He was actually being upstaged by the massive background. The full-size image is here, in case anyone actually gives a damn. :P
That awkward moment when you nearly have a complete happy fit because you realize that someone actually read your entire work. Bonus points for it being someone from the country in which the story is set.  :la:
The ''Rostock Rumbler'' by TheInimitableECypher
The ''Rostock Rumbler''
It's a much simpler piece than most of my recent work. I decided I wanted to do something with Bergmann, so here he is. He was admittedly kind of hard to draw because he's 6'6" and for some reason tall guys are harder to draw. ><
Sharp-Dressed Men by TheInimitableECypher
Sharp-Dressed Men
Excuse the spectacularly unoriginal title. Hopefully the piece will make up for the shitty title.

I had an idea one day about how my four Germans would look in suits. That's about as far as that line of thought went; a fifteen second idea became a five and a half day project.

Three of the characters have featured in my gallery more than once; Lukas (white suit), Ludwig (black suit) and Reinhold (the redhead in the blue-grey suit). The giant in the pinstripe suit, Emerick Bergmann, is an up-and-coming character-in-progress who once kicked Ludwig's ass in a boxing match, but I doubt any of you have actually read that short story. :P Meh.

All stock photos used (picture frame, floor, wall) are not mine. If they're yours please tell me so I may give credit where it's due.

But the modified photo in the background is mine.
  • Mood: Disbelief

12 cartoonists were killed today in France, just for drawing pictures of the Islam prophet Muhammad. What kind of world do we live in where people are killed just for drawing cartoons? Why do people feel the need to kill over something so trifling? Over something so stupid?

This just sickens me. It's despicable. And honestly, it's part of why I am so against religion. Because religious beliefs should not mean more to people than human lives.


Ein Dortmunder Jung im Herz
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Most of what you'll find on this page is traditional/digital art, literature (that nobody ever reads), and photography. Sometimes football fan stuff, if I'm feeling up to it.

My two most used aliases online are The Inimitable E. Cypher and The Infamous Black Valkyrie. You see anyone online with either of those names (in either those forms or any permutation of them), or work from dA on any other sites under either of those names, chances are it's me.

:bulletblack: I refer to myself as a "Misplaced German"; I'm US born but I swear I should have been born in Germany. German Flag dA Emoticon by TheInimitableECypher
:bulletred: I'm an atheist. I have no respect for religion, but I do try to respect religious people, as long as your beliefs don't interfere with my life.
:bulletyellow: I'm a long-time, die-hard, absolutely unapologetic Borussia Dortmund fan. I eat Schalke 04 fanboys for breakfast. Om nom nom.
:bulletred: I know my visual art style isn't the greatest. I am perfectly aware of this and I always work to improve.
:bulletblack: I write what I want to write, and much like my visual art, I always work to improve. I appreciate any and all types of constructive criticism on both my visual and literary work.

...Seriously. Let this frustrated Schwarzgelben bastard know that their work is actually being read, dammit. :|

Deutschland by TheInimitableECypher

Against Nazism by skinnyveestamp The Yellow Wall by TheInimitableECypher Stamp - Deutscher Fussball-Bund - (Redux) by TheInimitableECypher Anti-Theist by TheInimitableECypher ..:Proud to be German:.. by gazettefreak Eisbrecher stamp by Shaiger I Write What I Want by TheInimitableECypher Teaching Self German Stamp by PianoxLullaby Gay Rights Stamp by Raven-LaLupa Everybody is Equal by PhysicalMagic Writer Stamp by SpeedyAlchemist Stamp : Sarcasm .. by SHIZU-91 My Own Critic by fear-the-brilliance Hello My Name is Geek by AarlaShey Classical Music Stamp by McNikk I Luv Coffee Stamp by MagnifiqueN GIMP Stamp by SparkLum Imitation is suicide by Nana-Beats Stamp: Charlie Hebdo by Walldryx

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Stamp: German Language Beginner by MafiaVamp i am a total geek
:bulletblack::bulletred::bulletyellow: Mein Deutsch ist nicht gut. Ich bin noch am lernen. ^^; :bulletblack::bulletred::bulletyellow:

100 Theme Writing Challenge - Progress:

"It is not what you say, it is not what you think, it is not what you feel. It is what you do." - Thomas Andrews; architect of the R.M.S Titanic

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